This is a bluesy kind of song I guess. I was looking more for musical criticism more so than recording quality pointers. It was all done using my lap-top's built in mic so I understand it's left a lot to be desired in the quality department. Also, the chorus is shitty but I'm only a temporary vocalist hopefully.

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i think the first time i actually went back to listen to a song more than once that someone uploaded on here.
Solid vocal track, but the drums are kind of all over the place man. I'd also back the gain off on the guitar during the heavy parts, and go with a little more volume/rely on stylistic changes to help you crank up the energy.

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The vocal is the standout here. The guitars are awesome, but they're all mono'd, and basically get covered up by the vocal part and the drums. Drums are a bit... Odd, the fills seem counter to the laid back nature of the guitar when its cleaner, but work well for the distort.

That stereo split was really weird because everything is mono, not gonna lie.

WAY too much gain on that solo guitar, its volume is actually clipping your laptop mic.

I like the overall vibe of the song, and most of this stuff would be sorted out with proper tracking and a bit more attention to mixing. The song is good, don't get discouraged. Musically the biggest problems to sort out are the amount of gain in that solo and the drum fills not fitting with the rest of the song.

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Thanks for the crits and comments. And yea...there's no easy way of telling the drummer that the band thing is not working out
I like the guitar tone, although I think there might be a tad bit to much of reverb on them. The song is well written! The quality is not sub par man! The guitar leads are nice and flowing, kinda reminded me of a cross between jimmy page and John Frusciante. Keep up the good work man!
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This sounds like a vintage recording has that awesome hiss in the background makes it a little dirty sounding. There's a part where your voice goes stereo @1:30ish I think it's where its at. You should do the same for the guitars that way you get an overall larger sound. I liked the megaphone very good usage of it. The part at the end with all the gritty distortion bothered me cause it sounded like it was clipping but maybe that just me. Overall great song it flowed xD

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yes this quality is quite poor not gonna lie. I do think that given a much better mix this would be a great tune. Your playing is pretty on, and I'm fairly sure any over done distortion is due to this being a laptop mic. Everythign I can hear sounds like it would go great together if properly recorded. It does feel like its lacking a bit on the lower end though. You're songwriting ability however is great! recording not so much hah. Definitely add soem bass though (which would sound absolutely terrible through a laptop mic)