Considering buying one of the following:

Line 6 Relay G30
Line 6 Relay G50
AKG Perception (with Guitar Bug Transmitter)
Digital Reference DR-2505
Sennheiser FreePort

For anybody with any knowledge on comparisons between them, your input would be greatly appreciated!
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i was wondering the same. especially with a marshall, you dont want to be anchored to a bad feedback / noise "outlet". ive heard good about the line 6 products. one of them has 2 receivers, kind of useful if you use multiple guitars in your rig. still wondering the cheapest option though.. as that will ultimately influence my decision..
It's really easy to switch your guitars with one transmitter. I would focus on durability, and if you live in a populated area, I would spring for one with two channels. I had a pretty good Sennheiser unit, but it wore out eventually.

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All of these units are within $100 of each other. I've heard good things as well about the Line 6 wireless units, and I know a few different people who own them. My decision is swayed on those, however I was wondering if anybody had experience with any of the others as well as the Line 6 models to draw some comparison they may or may not be important.
Keeping it heavy since '92.
I'd call up Sweetwater, ask for Ryan Sloan, and see what he recommends.

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I've been shopping recently, until today I was set on the Line 6 G30. However, I got to see both of them in person, take them out, and even demo the G50. The G50 is well worth the extra money, it just feels so much sturdier (the G30 is made of plastic, the G50 is mad of metal). With the extra distance it has, I think it's well worth the money. Obviously I couldn't fully test the range being in a guitar center, but at the full distance of the store, between roughly 3 walls, there was no signal dropoff.
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