So I have this tune, with A LOT of lyrics. I'll post them in a second. I can't come up with a single musical idea that spans the amount of time it takes to sing all these. So, what kind of contour would you guys use over these lyrics? How many parts? What kind of stylistic changes? It'll be some sort of rock music, possibly with some spaghetti western flair. I'm pretty open to suggestions.

To clarify the lyrics, here are the characters, clockwise around the table, starting with the dealer:

Dima (Dmitri), the dealer

The title is "Love-gun Rail-car."

The love-gun rail-car, rattles down the tracks
With six souls seated at the table, playing the last hand of the night
And as the first flop hits the felt our story fades to light from black

With a furrowed brow Maria, sits on the dealer’s left
She casts a glance across the table, at the man she thinks she loves
Because Evgeni said he’d be with her if only he were able

But between him and the dealer sits Evgeni’s wife
Who followed him onto this train car, to expose his hidden life
She’s blinded by suspicion of Maria, doesn’t see the man two to her right

Who towers over the table, and he’s wearing nothing but black
His dull eyes rest on Evgeni, who owes Boris all his money
A debt not paid from Evgeni’s days playing ponies down at the track

So the first flop is down
Two spades and a heart
Two aces and a king
And the game is off to a start

Pavel’s to the left of Maria, and he’s seeing her watch Evgeni
He’s loved her since they were five years old, and he wouldn’t let her come alone
But he’s got nothing in his pocket, so he’s got to fold...

Evgeni starts to sweat as he moves to raise the stakes
He’s been bleeding chips all night and its his time to make a play
Anna folds beside him, and glances to her right

Boris says he’ll call, with the dealer and Maria
He’s got pocket kings, and he sure he’s gonna win
He’s never heard the saying about the pride before the fall

The next card goes down
Its a jack of spades
Now everybody’s nervous
And again the ante’s raised

Maria finally folds, and holds her face in her hands
She didn’t have the cards so she couldn’t save her man
Evgeni’s now sweating bullets though the rail-car is cold

Now the table’s down to the dealer, Dima, Boris, and Evgeni
Boris’s got a hand on his pistol, and Evgeni’s gun’s at the ready
Their eyes lock for a second, Evgeni’s gaze is less than steady

And Anna’s staring down Maria like a statue, a face of marble hides her fire
Only Pavel sees a crack in the mask and recognizes the danger
he’s got no heat but he’s quick on his feet, and he knows the situation’s dire

The dealer flops the last card, there’s no more bets to place
Everyone’s made their all-in, they’re near the end of the race
The love-gun rail-car’s nearly over the River Rhine
And the spade-king’s staring up, the last one in the line

Boris lets out a barking laugh and sets down pocket kings
That’s four of a kind and he’s pretty sure that’ll be the end of things
But Evgeni’s lucky penny came through, he throws down two aces high

Boris’s bark turns to a choke, and that’s when he draws his gun
Maria’s looking with salty eyes when Pavel sends her crashing to the floor
As a bullet with her name on it sails over her head from Anna, and gets lodged in the door

From there she and Pavel hear the shooting, they see Anna and the dealer hit the deck
Three more shots tear paper from the walls, its coming down like autumn leaves
Then a crash as to the the floor of the carriage, the weighty Boris falls

Maria jumps up in joy, because Evgeni hasn’t hit the ground
But where he sits he’s bleeding, all he musters is half a word
Maria doesn’t hear what it is, because Pavel’s rushing out the door

He holds her heaving body, Maria shudders as she sobs
Pavel knows she’s hurting, and he’s hurting for her too
But they get off the train in one piece, and the hit the streets of Bonn

They can make a new life here, Pavel grabbed a handful of chips
As they bailed off the train-car, and got lost in the city’s bricks
Pavel will have his girl, even if she’s still shedding tears

Back on the floor of the rail-car, the dealer gets to his feet
His play with the vest worked perfectly, though he thought he blew the cheat
In fact he gave his hand to Evgeni, but now the dealer won’t have a scar

And the love-gun rail-car’s settled to a halt
The dealer steps off calmly, his jacket full of the win
He takes a look at the rising sun, and gets a ticket for somewhere balmy...
...On the love-gun rail-car

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Maybe do the song in 3 parts? So split it into three sections and do each section differently, different key, chord structure, genre, etc. It would sound cool! And then just call them "Love-Gun Rail-Car Part I" Part II, and Part III or something like that. Or give each one a different name, doesn't matter, but that could be a possible approach?
do it like 2112 .

split the song into movements that tell the story, if that'll work with the lyrics... frankly, i don't feel like reading them :P
Rock opera

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Look at some progressive rock bands like, Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Rush, King Crimson. They have lengthy pieces or "compositions". You could even develop a concept with the song. Also, look at, "The Revealing Science of God" by Yes. Amazing piece, but very long
Talkin' blues, John Lee Hooker style (or perhaps George Thorogood), with trumpet refrain between verses. Start off with just an acoustic guitar (playing a slide riff?) then build up throughout the verses with with drums, bass (double bass?), maybe electric guitar, harmonica, maybe some keys, percussion, more singers (hard without a lyrical hook) etc.
Bring everything down to just like harmonica and percussion if there is a particularly tense verse to emphasise (cant be bothered reading to find out myself).
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Through composition.
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