hey guys,
i have a Crybaby 535Q that i lent to a friend a long time ago, and he gave it back to me a couple weeks ago and its dead. I asked him if anything happened and he said it didnt leave his bedroom, so im stumped! I took a look inside, everything seems fine, nothings fried or disconnected, theres a little bit of rusty lookin stuff over the inside of the cable jack receiver thing though. My only conclusion as to why it doesnt work, is that he played bass through it but that doesnt add up to me. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Fixing tips? THANKS!
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Firstly I hope its just batteries but if its not batteries then your saying you lent it out and it came back dead yeah? If so that "friend" of yours needs to put his hand in his pocket and replace the danged thing.

I know how hard that can be man as I have had the same thing happen when one of my old circle borrowed a guitar for a recording session. It went out mint in a bag then came back dinged to hell with a new nut that was completely wrong for the guitar and superguled in and no bag. In my case I slapped it back in his hands saying congratulations you just bought a guitar and told him I wanted full retail price for it since it was mint when it was lent out and I wasn't prepared to wait for it. Tight git got all angry and said he wont be abe to do it for a while so I had to go to his parents and flat out demad the money.

One thing I can guarantee is that you wont be lending anymore kit out regardless of who it goes to, I know I wont anymore.
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