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Just wondering what brands or what type of wall hangers are best? I have two different guitars at this stage an Ibanez ART300 and a Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster. I have seen so many wall hangers on ebay and at various stores/online stores and was wondering if there was one that people swear by or recommend as being particularly sturdy? I tried a search but couldn't find a thread recommending anything.

Anything by Hercules is quality, but I'd say anything that isn't made of flimsy plastic and has some decent sized screws to attach it to the wall should be just fine.

I have two made by K&M, have used them for several years.
K&M is a good brand. I've been using their wall-hangers for some time now, and not a single one of them has failed me.
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I got 2 £5 hangers from eBay, one is still going strong but the other dropped my Les paul after a couple of months.

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+1 for Hercules, I have 2 of the auto grab ones and they are solid and really well priced on the bay.
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I have 2 of the hercules, and they will never fall off. Ever. Just make sure you sink the screws into a stud, and not just through the drywall. In fact, make sure you do that with any wall hanger.
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I got a few cheap $10AUD ones off ebay, I went for something metal, looked pretty solid then mounted onto a bit of wood then into a few beams on the wall. you should be fine as long as you don't just attach them to plaster.
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Picked up at the local Ace Hardware for about $2.50 each. heavy, black grippy-rubber stuff cladding nearly 5/16" welded rod hooks. approx 1.5" threads on lag screw end. the fingers are 2.75" deep and right at 2" WIDE..
Right into the wall stud or mount on a (well finished ) 2X4 screwed to studs.

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