Here's some recordings I made of the songs I composed some time ago. It's mostly black/folk metal. Recorded through Guitar Rig, drums and bass are VSTi's.

For Her The Wind Cries

Under The Dark Moon's Shine

When The Sun Falls Down

Tears Of The Fall

Sound quality far from perfect and mistakes at some point, but I don't have time and money to make it better atm Also lacking vocalist/vocal skills.

Hope you enjoy it, anyway, thanks for listening
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About For Whom The Wind Cries:
It think has an epic feel to it, I wouldn't qualify it as "dark" though, and it's not a bad thing, the song's pretty great, it's just not that haunting or creepy or whatever. but man, it's great. I really dig the lead parts, definitely something I'd have on my iPod!! Favorite part is the ending, but at the same time, I don't really like fade outs. This type of song could, in my opinion, use a "proper ending" . It would fit the song better I think! But I understand this stuff is demo so..

About Under The Dark Moon's Shine:
My favourite of the two. It's catchy, mostly due to a more pop-sounding chord structure, which again, is not a bad thing. The lead guitar's my favorite work from this recording too We can hear you through those recordings, Both have that same feel to it, you've got your own style and it's enjoyable.

When is this going the next level? Do you have a band? Someone to help/work with you on this project? I'd like to know!

And this is my thread if you want to C4C!
Thanks for the feedback and listening to. As for the genre I don't really have idea how to qualify songs into them and my work consist of variety of metal styles (a lot more death/progressive compositions I haven't recorded yet) but it's not that important I think - every band or artist creates pretty much they own genre.

I've found fade outs most suitable for the riffs and melodies those certain songs were ending with and I'm not really good in ending the songs as well as begining them, I always feel there's something missing at those parts or it doesnt build up in a proper way

The next level atm for me is my Exams for the University , after that I'll focus more on recording the stuff I have already composed.

Nope, I don't have a band, I'm a self-learner, also my musicians-friends aren't into that genres and I'm not into other genres so I prefer to compose and play myself. Atleast for now.

Thanks again, gonna listen to your songs now
Hello, here's my C4C follow-up.

For Whom The Wind Cries-
Nice guitar harmonies! There's something fresh happening at any given moment. It's almost good enough as an instrumental. I would think it'd be difficult to fit any vocals to something so busy already (unless you already have some ideas, in which case that's awesome).

Under The Dark Moon-
I like the variety of riffs and less solo-sounding melodies. The solo at 2:30 seemed a bit detuned and sluggish though, maybe add some more vibrato like the 3:10 solo, which seems to have a lot more groove and feeling and better thought-out musical choices.
I'm C4C'ing here

I really love the riffs in your songs Yooda! Some of them remind me of old school In Flames and they are really melodic. You have a really good style of composing. Under the Dark Moon is one of the examples. I also really liked When the Sun Falls Down. It's got a nice solo and the song itself is catchy and memorable. As Embers Dress the Sky is a nice one too but, no offense intended, you need to work on your vocals some more. Unless you were actually going for that style. But anyway, good stuff! I hope to hear more from you in the future!
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Thanks for the feedback man

When the sun falls down:
Cool acoustic intro, reminds me off Metallica alot, nice riffs and tight playing afterwards.
Vocals pretty good i guess, not into that style alot so i can't say much about it.
The production is good, you can hear everything clearly and it's mixed nicely though the bass drum could be mixed a bit higher.
Overall composition is good too, plenty of variation.
Guitar tone is pretty good but could have used some reverb/delay, sounds pretty dry right now.
All in all good song man keep it up!
Hi man,

I'm definitely going to follow you on soundcloud! I think we share the same passion for Agalloch

You are using EZDrummer for drum sounds aren't you? If yes then you have to use another sound for the snare drum - the one affiliated with number 40 from GP is a rather harsh one. I use the one thats number 38 in GP (its the note D, second above the bass drum).

Anyway I love how 'Under the Dark Moon's shine' reminds me of Agalloch mixed with old Opeth (morningrise & still life) and I'm happy that someone is keeping Black Metal alive in Poland. Get a band and you'll see me in the first row man!
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For her the wind cries- Didn't felt the energy and the speed of the drums, because bass is really smooth and groovy, I think it should be more aggressive. Guitar work is awesome, what type of harmonies you do, is it thirds or fifths? I always wanted to try that stuff, and thirds sound too "digital" to me)

Under the dark moon side- The acoustic intro may be have some smooth bass under it, on the second run, just for variety. And again cool harmonies, this time I think it's octaves? And I don't know why, but bass here also kills the energy, may be because of the tone, don't know, try experimenting. Try to fit it more to drums, rather than playing straight notes.

C4C -? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1523597

Third song didn't worked for me
For her the wind cries:
Really liked the slow progressive almost Agalloch style riffs you use, and the leads provide a great break and help the song along greatly. No complaints with the songwriting, only that you may consider adding some different parts and making it longer (piano/synth parts maybe?) or this may come off as gimmickey so I'd maybe just leave it how it is. Only complaint with the production is that the drums sound pretty weak, other than that the mix is great for the genre.

Under the Dark moon's shine:
Composition was great again, no complaints in that department, only that you may wanna add some raspy black metal vocals, although I assume you intend to do that with the (without vocals) in the title. Again the drums sound pretty weak and the lead tone coul use some work from 2:13-2:37, maybe add some reverb or something? Liked the dynamic changes in this one with the acoustic guitar being used.

When the sun falls down:
link doesn't work for some reason =\

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1544363 cheers
what type of harmonies you do, is it thirds or fifths?

Haha to be honest man I have no idea about it, I have no musical knowledge, I'm a self-learner and I just compose and write stuff that comes to my head or comes out of my hands on guitar, rarely I look at it from the technical side, so no idea what type of harmonies I used, I'm pretty sure it's a mix of different ones.
but bass here also kills the energy, may be because of the tone

I don't like the bass aswell, but it's a VSTi so it can't sound really good.
only that you may wanna add some raspy black metal vocals, although I assume you intend to do that with the (without vocals) in the title

I forgot to replace link in 1st post, this piece already has vocals recorded and it's on my sndcloud.
Again the drums sound pretty weak

Yeah, mixing needs some work, but it was the very first piece I recorded

Thanks for comments guys, cheers!
For Her The Wind Cries -
The only thing I can think of right off the bat is that the drums are too quiet. The harmonies are absolutely brilliant and have such an interesting sound when you have the dueling guitars going. The only thing about the guitars that I can really criticize is that there might be too much in the way of mids going on.

Under The Dark Moons Shrine - Immediately you've already built the imagery of a dark night with the full moon overhead. Beautifully done! Once again, you have some really cool harmonies going. For those harmony sections, though, I'd suggest recording the rhythm track twice and panning it to both sides and placing that harmony slightly off centre. Again, the drums are a bit quiet, but that's no biggie. I'm not too much a fan of the vocals, but that's just my very strange taste in vocalists. lol At 4:38, those dueling harmonies really remind me of Amon Amarth. Not sure which one, but something from the Odin On Our Side album, for sure.

When The Sun Falls Down - Beautiful acoustic work again. Is that a twelve string, or does it just sound like one? Once again, the guitars seem to have too much mids. Maybe it's not enough treble? Not sure. Like, it seems to be missing a bit of crunch that would really do well for your style. Again, those harmonies are just made of awesome. At 2:52 the energy is just awesome. I'm not sure if the really fast drums there really fit, but that's just my taste again. Maybe if I could really hear the bass drum I might feel that part more.

Your music is really interesting. Like, there's a touch of Amon with more of an affinity to leads than they do, you have a bit of the more melodic feels of Dimmu, and it's dark, but still has this weird energy that I really like.

Question, are you using a drum sequencer like Superior Drummer? If so, I'd suggest turning up the velocity, especially on the toms and bass drum.

Also, I followed you on Soundcloud.
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Hey there, thanks for all the feedback

For Her The Wind Cries Now with vocals and also a new track in progress:
Tears Of The Fall

Tell me what you think of it and leave a link so I can listen to your stuff
If you like my work follow me or like it or just simply leave a comment!
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