A teisco?
Bass Gear:

Mensinger: Speesy
Fender Precision 1989 (CIJ Rosewood)
Fender Steve Harris (CIJ)
Lakland J Sonic 5
Epiphone Explorer
Maruszczyk (custom) Jake

Ashdown CTM 100
It sort of looks like a Fernandes
The cliched "rig" Signature:

Dean Cadillac SilverBurst Left-handed
Boss GT-8
Roland Micro-Cube
Line 6 FlexTone III XL
Levy's straps
hmmm, ya it kinda does look like a fernandes, but i'm not 100 percent. thanks for the input guys. I'm just curious cause I'm looking to buy just a dirt cheap guitar to travel and throw around with out really caring and saw someone selling it and he didnt know what it was. But if anyone knows for sure please let me know, thanks!
ya fernandes cut away goes in the opposite direction usually, but could be a certain series. I'm guessing it's a piece of crap but was just curious before I go play it