Yesterday I found an interesting guitar on the Strat Talk forum.

'Type: 1996 Artist Series Stratocaster
Serial #: No
Remarks: Russ (see guitars above and below) built this in 1996. It is a one off prototype with no serial #. Instead of dots on the AA flame neck it has signatures: Eric Clapton 3rd fret, Jeff Beck 5th fret, Buddy Guy 7th fret, Yngwie Malmsteen 9th fret, Silver Fender logo 12th fret, Stevie Ray Vaughan 15th fret, Bonnie Raitt 17th fret, Richie Sambora 19th fret and James Burton 21st fret. It has chrome lace sensor pickups and black hardware'


Does anyone have more specifications or photos of this axe?
That thing looks very custom, indeed. Perhaps it will be worth something to a Fender collector some day. great figuring on the neck.

EDIT: Call the Fender Custom Shop and ask them for the details. Something like that, they're going to remember.
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