hi i have an audition for a performing arts music course coming up in a few months , to be honest im not a great guitarist but ive only been playing just over a year and im leagues above most people when they have played for this long anyway i was hoping to get some suggestions on a piece to perform in the audition , ive got a fairly long time to prepare it so i should be able to get it perfect for the audition

thanks , alex
YYZ by Rush
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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Find something that will test your abilities but something that you will know you will be able to play fluently at the audition. Playing a simpler song perfectly i think will come across better than a hard song played not so fluently. I dont have experience but this is just what I would do :P

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thanks for the replies , i was thinking something easyish maybe welcome home

also im unsure weather to mention how long ive been playing guitar they might be put off by the fact that im a relativley new player or they might be impressed by it