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PRS SE Custom 24
15 71%
PRS SE Zach Myers
6 29%
Voters: 21.
I'm probably buying a new guitar sometime this summer (if I finnaly get a job) and I'm gasing for two differents PRSs (SEs of course). First is a PRS SE Custom 24, 2012 specs, in whale blue. Second is The PRS SE Zach Myers, 2012 specs, Royal Blue.

The Cu24 is obviously more suited for leads(thinner neck, more frets, more fret access, trem), but I'm also attracted to the ZM because of the thick body, and the 4 knobs control layout that allows better tone shaping. The only drawback on this one is the third humbucker... I'm also a fan of big necks and I'm not sure to use a trem so....

Basically which one would you choose?
I hate to throw another guitar into your thread but: If you like the thicker body and trem but don't like that the Zach Myers have 3 humbuckers... What is wrong with the SE Singlecut Trem?

Of the two you mentioned I think I would choose the Custom 24 :-) But play both and see which you like
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I believe the singlecut has a regular sized body - the SE245 has a thicker body but also has a shorter scale.
SE 24 I'd say.

Also, Zach Myers F**ed Shinedown hard. They're complete garbage now. Sound of Madness was decent at best and Amaryllis is just god awful (from all the previews and videos and crap).
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I don't know, the layout seems wrong on the singlecut trem: the two knobs thing on a body shape that usually bears 4 is weird. Altough I tried it, and I really loved it. But the only difference between the Singlecut Trem and the SE24 is, besides the shape, that the 24 haves a maple neck and 2 more frets. So if i choosed the SC Trem, i would go for the SE24 becausen they are just about the same guitar, but the SE24 haves some sweet extras like more frets, better fret access, and coil split. But the ZM is another beast. 4 knobs, thick body, looks more of a riffer to me, while the SE24 is more of a solo-y thing...

EDIT: I thought about it. A third choice would be to buy a black SE245 and give her a beauty, i.e.: a piezo-loaded Tonepros AVT-II, a USA PRS SC250 bridge pickup, a USA PRS Dragon-II, new electronic layout(a volume for each pup, a volume for piezo, and a rotary switch hid under the fourth knob), refinish, locking tuners, so on... Whattya think?