Hey guys (and gals), I've been tremelo picking for years now, and I'm finally getting ot that point that I think it's starting to sound quite clean, in time, and pretty fast without any tension. I used to use a lot of my forearm and I've successfully dropped that habit in favor of wrist action.

But one thing I've recently noticed, and I wasn't even aware of this until I looked down one day -- is that when I start tremelo picking, my picking hand migrates up the strings toward the neck pickup, sometimes even a little over the 22nd fret. My cleanest tremelo picking occurs there. It doesn't sound quite as bright/biting at that location, but it's definitely clean and smooth. When I try to bring it back toward the bridge, it's harder hold a consistent beat.

I'm assuming I've just found the natural spot where the strings are vibrating in time to my picking, but I just wanted to know if you think this is a problem, or worth investigating. Cheers!
Given what I can see here... I would change that.

Picking there is giving you a much rounder tone than picking closer to the bridge which means you're not getting as much of the aggressive, biting sound you're going to want for metal.

But whatever really, if it sounds alright to you then it doesn't make much difference.
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^^Yeah, it does have a rounder, warmer tone -- which is sometimes a nice contrast to the more biting/agressive sound I have when picking chords/palm muting, etc. It's wierd because I play very close to the bridge for everything else.

But I think you're right -- I should probably at least get comfortable in both positions, that way I have some tonal options.