Hey guys, I really need some help with settings on my VOX AC15VR and I posted initially on this forum, but my thread was closed. I recieved a link where I should post and I posted there, but it seems like it's a sticky than an actual forum category. It doesn't seem like many people check that either because there's 95 + pages to the forum. My question doesn't seem like a complicated one so if any of you guys are pretty good with amp settings can someone PM me so I can finally get this issue resolved.

Mods: I'm not trying to break the rules, just I've waited patiently 3 days now and no one replies to the thread I was told to post on. I really need help.
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By the way, this thread didn't include the question.
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1. your thread got closed for a reason. why would you open another about the same thing if you were going against the rules the first time?

2. its nice to see what other people are using for their settings, but man, trial and error. you cant mess with 4 knobs yourself?

3. no settings threads
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