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This is awesome. You two are great together

Thank you mate, means alot
Sounds good guys, could've used some backing vocals though. keep it up!

check out my radiohead cover if you get a chance,
or my own music.. whichever
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Killer job man! You two seem to have some good chemistry. I got sick of hearing this song after it first came out but I guess enough times passed that I can enjoy it again.I cant really give you any criticism because I quite enjoyed it. The guitar was solid on both of your parts, you played on time, and the vocals were pretty damn good. Every now and than there was a mistake with the lead guitar but it was barely noticeable and it in no way took away from the cover. You earned a "like" from me. So once again well done! Keep up the hard work, both of you. If you dont mind doing a C4C I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on any of the covers I've done. I'll post a link to them below