Hi all,
I used to be a bassist and switched to playing guitar. Up until recently, I played my 7-string electric guitar through my bass half-stack using a distortion pedal. Worked awesome, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. But my amp head blew (Peavey Deltabass 160w) and now I'm in the market for something new to drive my 400w 8ohm 412 Carvin.

Can I use a normal GUITAR amp head to power the 400w 412? I know most guitar heads don't go above 100w without getting horribly expensive, but wouldn't that underpower the 412?

Or should I buy another BASS amp head to more closely match the 400w of the cab?

Or should I go digital and use something like a Rocktron Velocity 300W which would more closely match the 412's capabilities?

Hopefully $1000 or under.

Thanks, and any particular product suggestions would be helpful. I play stuff like Periphery, Alter Bridge, and After The Burial, and my guitar of choice is a 7 string RG7321 Ibanez, so I look for a good fat low end.

lol wut. Wattage and price don't correlate at all. I could name a slew of 18w heads at $1000 and even more past that, and there's a bunch of 300w solid state amplifiers for less than $500 as well.

You can run a guitar head through a bass cab, no problem. Rob Trujillo of Metallica plays through Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier heads. There's no such thing as "under powering" a speaker cabinet, either. As long as the wattage on the speakers exceeds what the amp outputs, you will be fine.

Take a look at the following:

Baron Custom Amps K88, B120
Mesa Boogie Stiletto, Dual Rectifier, Tremoverb
Peavey 5150, 6505, 3120, XXX, JSX
ENGL Fireball, Powerball, Blackmore
Randall RM50, RM100 with Treadplate, Blackface, Plexi, etc. whatever modules you like.

If you really want the Periphery sound, you also want to look at the Fractal Audio AxeFX Standard or Ultra. You will need to buy a power amp to power the cabinet though.
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