Hello all,

I recently had a new bridge pickup installed into my guitar, a Bill and Becky 500xl, but the pickup sits so close to my strings that when I pull back on the whammy bar that my low E string will actually touch the pickup.

I was wondering how to go about fixing this problem. I was thinking either remove the shield around the pickup( since it is shielded) therefore making is sit a bit lower,or, somehow making the pickup cavity a bit deeper.

Any suggestions?

Yeah, i tried that. Its like almost like the pickup is too big for the cavity.
What kind of guitar is it? Is the cavity simply not deep enough? Or is the width too small, keeping it from fitting into the cavity?
Its a dean ML. And it appears as if the cavity is not deep enough for the pickup.
I cant really bend the legs becouse the pickup is encased in a chrome sheild. I dont really feel like drilling into my guitar to make it fit, so i was thinking maybe about getting the pickup sheild removed (since it is quite large) so it sits lower.

Did you end up with a pickup with extended legs? A lot have 2 different lengths available.
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