Okay, so heres a video for reference:

Around 3:47, it starts sounding like an electric. How do I do this? I have the same guitar as he does, and I'm not sure how to achieve the same sound he has. I'm also wondering if it will damage the amp/or guitar in any way if I make it sound like an electric. And what amp do you have to use to achieve that sound?
Just use an overdrive pedal or something. Plugging an acoustic into a electric pedal, multieffects or electric amp will NOT mess it up.

EDIT: Basically how he has it set up, he has one output going to an acoustic, while the other is going to some type of overdrive and is combining the two together.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong
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Did you listen to what he was saying? He told you exactly what to do. Run the output for the magnetic pickup, the nanoMAG, into any traditional electric guitar amp you want. Use some distortion and you're good to go.

If you want the EXACT tone that he had, I have no idea. Just test it out on different amps and settings to find something that you like.
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