Okay so first things first. My english it's not the best so I hope you'll understand everything I have on my mind. Well, I've been self-teaching how to play guitar over the past 8 years. I have never had any teacher or anything else, just me and the ultimate-guitar.com where I found tabs. The thing is that I have got used to some pretty bad habits and I don't fully understand everything about guitar. Here's a little story behind so you'll have an idea what I'm talking about;

A friend of mine started a band. He knew that I play guitar a couple of years now. It was about two or three months ago, I met him on a street and he asked me whether I'd be interested to play in a band with him and one another friend who play drums. So I said yeah, no problem, but the thing is I have never really had a band and I didn't know what I'm jumping into. So he told me to to learn smoke on the water (deep purple) and afterlife (avenged sevenfold). We came into the practice/rehearsal or whatever-is-that-call-room, and started playing. First song afterlife went really bad because I have never played without backing track, just me and the drums.
I didn't understand how this guitar - drums thing works, how to play along with drums. I don't know why, but when I have to play along with some drummer, I don't understand the rhythm, where should I play what part. What should I listen to, snare, bassdrum or what?!! I have no idea. I can even sweep-pick the afterlife solo very well. Then we tried smoke on the water by deep purple. The drummer started hitting the snare waiting for me to join in. I know this song very well, but again, when I had to play with drummer without backing track I was lost, and I kinda embarassed myself.

The only song that I can play without backing truck (just with drums) is bat country (avenged sevenfold), but when it comes to solo - I'm lost again. I taught myself this solo a year ago, so I have no problems playing it. But when I have to play this solo along with drums I don't understand it. I'm playing too fast or too slow so the drums finish before I finish the solo or vice versa. Please can you point me in the right direction? Some video-tutorial would be much appreciated. I tried to search for metronome tutorial on youtube and even watched a couple of 'em. Well I understood the ticking-thingy, that I had to play to the ticking sound but that's pretty much it, didn't help me at all. I know that I sound like a complete noob, because I am, and I just realized it a couple of months ago. I tried to search over the internet a little but when I searched for guitar rhythm lesson, google returned lessons for strumming patter on acoustic guitar. I don't even know what to search for :\

Thank you for reading my post & helping me out because I feel 100% talentless and retarded for writing this post.
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You should always practice with a metronome, backing track or not. It seems your sense of rhythm is off, because if your drummer is keeping time properly then you should not be cocking up. If you've focused too much on playing lead then this is often the result. Practice with your drummer as much as possible, and for parts you are struggling to keep time with, ask the drummer to play a simplified version of the beat, to stop confusing you
It's okay its a common problem, luckily for me the first musician I played with was my Dad so obviously not as uembarassing as your situation.

Is the drummer playing exactly what's on the records that might be what's confusing you. Play the songs specifically listening to what the drums doing and try and see how the two instruments fit together, also play the entire song by yourself then you'll have a clearer understanding of where the song goes. Don't over think what the drums are doing, and remember playing with people gets easier with time.
Boy, this is a tough one to explain. It's not really something I understand because even listening to a backing track, the beat is still in the drums. Also, if you play the song enough, you should be able to hear the song as the drummer is playing it. Unless he's doing it wrong. Either way, the best thing you can to do is practice with a Metronome, and practice with the drummer as much as you can. Beat and rhythm is also something you should be able to feel. It's like a pulse in your body. I know that sounds kind of hippiish, but it's true. And also remember, that in a band situation, always ALWAYS follow your drummer. If he slows down, you slow down. If he speeds up, you speed up. It sounds hard, but it gets easier. Hope this helps. Good luck man. And have fun.
Yeah, if he plays some basic rhytm it's okay, no problems, but when drums go wild in the solo, that's where i start losing it, and sometimes im too focused on playing the solo and i dont even listen to drums, i think i need alot of practice on this. thank you both for suggestions!