Yeah so I was thinking about this the other day. Wouldn't it be a great idea to sometimes type in a random phone number and just see what happens? And maybe come up with a nice phrase and if the other person seems nice you become friends!

Also I can imagine the rush when calling someone random and having to explain the situation. Maybe you guys have some catchy phrases that can keep a conversation going! I'm sure that if you sound nice they are willing to keep up with the talk.

If one does this twice a day for some time I'm sure one will bump into someone interesting. At least have a nice talk for some seconds!

Anyone ever done this before?
Sounds interesting. But I wouldn't try it.
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Also I can imagine the rush when calling someone random and having to explain the situation.

That's not the strangest fetish I've ever heard of, I guess.
Much better off to approach a person on the street, because you not only see him/her, but you can also make sure you aren't really disturbing them.
Something like this happened to me. I replied to a text which was from an unknown sender saying that they had the wrong number. The sender apologised but struck up a conversation. We got to talking, eventually met up, became friends and now we are dating. We're hoping to get married and move in together soon, and all because of a mistyped number :3

Just kidding, it was actually a middle aged man who lured me to a park, forced me to suck him off, then stole my phone and credit cards.
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Yeah, I'd totally run up a bigger phone bill to speak to a random person for a few seconds twice a day
I've sort of had this happen to me.

The first time I got texts from a random number who mistook me for her friend. I told her she had the wrong number but a month later she made the same mistake again...and the month after that as well.

The second time I got a text from a drug dealer asking if I wanted to buy some of a new shipment he got in.

BUT - I think it would be interesting to do this experiment. I don't know how well it would work out, unless you ask them about the weather or something strangely personal.
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That sounds like those strange people on Facebook who friends everyone and their dog in order to say, "See? I have 3,234,098 friends! I'm basically a celebrity!" Those people bother me, and wrong numbers bother me. I'd go ballistic if someone called my number accidentally on purpose. My opinion.
If it happened accidentally it would perhaps be kinda cute if it worked out. Deliberately phoning the wrong number just for a conversation is really, really weird.
I didn't make any friends doing this but I remember over the course of 2 weeks in the summer, I kept getting texts from the same number from someone I didn't know.

"Yo man where are ya? I'm on main st I've got the moneys if you got the stuff"

"You have the wrong number"

"Oh, I am very sorry about that"

"No problem b"

That's how it went at least thrice.
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I did that once. Rest in peace Billy
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This probably isn't relevant but today someone called me to try and sell me a credit card and I didn't want to hang up because she sounded really sad and it was dinnertime so I was just like "I'm sorry I can't I'm too irresponsible for a credit card" and then she asked me if I needed help with time management and I don't but I said yes anyway and I found out she goes to my uni and we started talking about the awesome food there and I told her about this disgusting avocado milkshake I had once and she said she had it too but it wasn't that bad and then she said she'd get fired if she kept talking to me so she hung up.

That was my only legit conversation today so I don't think I'd mind doing this even though I hate talking on the phone.
I did a similar experiment, taking photos of strangers on the street with their permission of course. It served two purposes: getting better at photography/having interesting subjects to shoot, and meeting new people.

I'd keep things short and offer to send them the photo if they so wished. Got an email in return (or some other contact info). With the introduction done, I'd ask to meet up with people I found interesting.

Turned it into a blog, got bored after a while, now I'll only do it if I see someone REALLY interesting or just pretty. And I know it sounds very stalkerish, but it's really a good way to make new friends.

also it's been a HUGE confidence boost, I don't even need an excuse anymore to go up to people on the streets.

edit: maybe we should start a photography thread on this and see all the weird shit people can shoot (with a camera) on the streets.
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Here's some tips to making new friends over the phone quickly:
Always start with the phrase "I know where you live"
Use a voice changer
Threaten them