first of all....
an indie semi hollow double cut custom, blue and white racing stripe finish near perfect condition.
this guitar retails at around 550 GDP brand new (pound sign doesnt work on my keybored)
the link i have left is a review of this guitar

second is a standard cry babe wah, hardly used it, got a GT 10 not long after so use that instead

next...a bare knuckle miracle man bridge pick up

next...a set of ibanez infinity humbuckers they came as stock in an ibanez i used to have

finally....a duncan desgn bridge humbucker that came as stock in my schecter pt cutstom

any interest at all, just ask. the only reason i want to sell this stuff is because i dont use it anymore, it is all in fine working order!
You might wanna put some prices up...
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I think so...
and location/postage =]

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Ok I'll get pics of the indie up over the weekend
And I'm in in cornwall so won't be much for the miracle man to Devon
Hi guys sorry for lack of info, the post was a bit rushed
I will get pics up over the next day or so
Also I'm in truro in cornwall
Not sure about postage as I have never done this before so not sure how it works, anyone care to enlighten me??
usually weigh the item, then add a bit for packaging, and use the royal mail site to fond an estimate. what sort of price are you look for the MM, and what case has it got? ideally im looking for a nickel or a b/w with either standard or floyd spacings ( i have standard on my floyd guitar...)
its black with standard.
i want 50GDP for it (pound sign doesnt work on my comp)