about 17 days ago i adapted the more traditonal way of holding the pick with the side of index finger curled and the flat of the thumb on top of the pick and while i'm doing pretty well with it the last coule days i have had a bit of tension in my arm as well as my picking hand index finger hitting the strings every now and then, any advice on how to fix this? i can tell that i'm really starting to progress with my picking hand i just need to get these stupid mistakes and bugs out of the way
Hrmmm, you could try opening up your picking hand if you don't already and try keeping your fingers hanging loose and shit. A lot of players who play with a closed hand play pretty tense.

That's all i can think of other than just practising playing relaxed.
Tension is best fixed by slowing down abit, stretching etc. Make sure your warmed up before you start to practice.

I can only say the same thing about your index, you have to slow down and see what you are doing wrong, then try to fix it.
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my hand already is pretty open i dont like the closed fist method, one thing i have noticed withe the index finger is sometimes it slides down the pick so its not as curled as much, but its till curled backwards, would the index finger occasionaly( and when i say occasionaly i mean it barley happens) hitting the string be a result of of angling my pick attack a specfic way, maybe i'll post a video of me playing something
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I have this same problem, but I cant relax. Im always tense no matter what I'm doing.
its incorrect for playing guitar, sure. But I guess I've learned to just put up with it.
Way too much shit goin on right now to relax. Drinking helps though...
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i'm actually pretty frustrated right now, the last several days i was playing just fine and my picking hand seemed to be getting better but today it feels like its gotten alot worse, its so frustrating, i just wanna get good
First thing I'd say is practice the song slowly to a metronome - Sounds like a cliche, but I think that'd help a lot at this point. Don't worry about it taking a relatively long time to get it sounding good and up to speed, because that's just how it is.
Slow down to ridiculous speeds and watch what you do. Do this for as long as you can stand. Focus entirely on relaxing while you are doing it: breathe deeply, sit comfortably, etc. Frustration is your enemy.