Scum Scum Scum Scum Scum
Sing it along to favourite songs,
Burn to skin with Iron tongs.
Love Love Love Love Love
Whisper sharp, stocato stutter,
Hippy Hipsters, Topman hearts flutter.
Run Run Run Run Run
Away from everything you've known,
Teach you all to feel alone.
Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun
Sing it along to favourite songs,
Sing it loud to right all wrongs.
Scum Scum Scum Scum Scum
Camp and protest, talk and stand.
Your word's mean shit. Get off my land.
Not me, personally. It was supposed to be from other's perspectives. And I was hoping an element of sarcasm was coming through, but I guess not. I don't tend to put my own beliefs in my works, it's far too 'expected'. I like creating characters with their own beliefs. To be quite frank, I'm all for protesting, as long as a) it's for a logical and reputable reason b) it doesn't evolve into obsceneties and a display of violence (half the protests in England do) and that it's peaceful c) the protesters are respectful. All of their arguments go out the window if they choose to act in stupid ways (as has been done). Other than that, it's certainly fine by me and some cases encouraged. But tbh, I'm also of the mind set that there are some things that can't be changed, regardless of what action takes place.
I guess thats my bad then, but sarcasm tends to not come across well in reading in my defence :L