Not bad at all! Vocals could be ever so slightly better, but they were pretty damn good!

Nice one man, you should be proud
One of my all time favorite songs man! I've only heard the Tom Petty rendition of this song (so forgive me if I compare it to that version.) I didnt realize Johnny Cash covered it at some point but I'll definetly have to check that out at some time soon. Its an interesting cover to say the least, not quite what I was expecting but I dont mean that in a bad way! You actually have a very nice natural rasp to your voice that worked out extrememly well for this song, it gave it a cool edge. The guitar playing was'nt bad either, nothing ground-breaking but you played clear and on time which is all you really need for a song like this. I know what you mean about pre-performance jitters, I often do 5-6 takes before I settle on a video I like. Confidence is usually the key in situations like that, like I said im working on it myself to. Overall keep up the hard work man. I enjoyed the video so well done! If you dont mind doin a C4C I'd really appreciate your thoughts on any of the covers I've done. I'll post a link below

Playing was good and I like your voice but it did sound like one long chorus.Maybe hold back on the verse a bit with your playing and projection.
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