So I recently got a PRS SE Santana, and someone told me that "They are fake, cheap low quality guitars that just have the name and look of a PRS". I don't know if that's true though, because I love my PRS SE Santana to death, but is that person right?
Thats just elitist talk. They are no more fake than a John 5 Squier Tele. Its not a fender j5 but its still awesome.
I love the two I have!

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I like PRS SEs. Just because of the wide fat necks though.
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Ben Wells of Black Stone Cherry has a PRS SE model which he uses live on a couple of songs.
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As darkdevil mentioned, this just seems like a case of someone talking down to you because it's not the 'real' Santana model. Lots of famous artists have PRS SE signature guitars, such as the Opeth guitarists and Nick Catanese to name a few. Whether or not they use these or full-fledged PRS models, I don't know, but the fact that they have those signature models must at least be a testament to their quality.
Never let anyone tell you your guitar is bad if you love it.
considering the real one is about 10000, i would aks what that guy plays because im sure compared to a real santana his guitar is a cheap low POS too...
No,he ain't right.I had a real one and could'nt play it well for sh#t.My hands are made for early Gibson necks.It don't matter if its a silvertone or a santana.If you love it it's the right guitar.Theres about 10,000 hack posers for every 1 musician.Just keep playing,try not to let too much crap sink in.panhead201
he's pretty wrong. the santana SE is a wonderful guitar, certainly excellent value for money. no, it doesn't compare to the real one, but there are really very few guitars that do (and those cost as much as cars!). really though, solid guitar