I'm a beginner video game composer, I have yet to actually compose for anyone. I would like to start on a small indie game that isn't to demanding, yet enough to wet my feet and have something on my future resumes.
Are there any sites specifically dedicated to producers wanting musicians? How should i get my name and songs out there?
Any tips?
You could try posting a thread on a thread where there are many game developers like the UDK section of the Epic Games forums.
If you're serious you may want to get an agent.

I also see on your profile that you are ~16 years old. Perhaps go to school and get a degree in composition. Professionals like experience as well as other credentials.
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Only advise I have on this field is shamelessly taken from Jason Graves (the composer of the incredible score for the Dead Space series): don't be afraid to sell yourself low. If you want to make it as a video game composer then don't limit yourself to it; accept jobs in advertising for companies, local radio, television, sound production for other bands etc. Don't simply say 'I will be a video game composer and so that is all I will do.
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