Hey guys,
Here's an original progressive metal song with lots of twists and turns. It's almost too feel-good to be considered metal, might make you smile a few times.


Has a Periphery influence, and surprisingly enough I was thinking of John Butler when I wrote the "chorus".

Recorded using an Ibanez RG7321 into Pod Toneport UX2, Gearbox, Drumkit From Hell,, and Cubase 5.


Very nice imo, maybe because I love this kind of music Especially that transition in 0:25 sounds freakin good. Only the distrotion or rather EQ sounds kinda flat and weird, but composition is great - would love some growls in it

Cheers, if you want to take a look on my work, links are in sig,
Love it, man.
Keep up the good stuff.
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This is boss as hell. Sounds like it'd be great for getting a crowd pumped! Keep it up, man \m/
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Thanks for the encouragement and comments guys! I had fun making the song, that's for sure.