Post the line up that would make the perfect death/metal band

Ok, so basically say you can construct a death metal band out of any members you want. living people only so cant have legends like chuck schuldiner.

heres mine:

Lord Worm (Cryptopsy) - Vocals
Muhammed Suicmez (Necrophagist) - Guitar/backing vocals
Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse, blotted science) - Bass
Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) - Guitar/backing vocals
George Kollias (Nile) - Drums

Basically I think this would be a really awesome brutal death metal band because it would have the brutal and fast riffs of Hate Eternal with the intense blasts of Nile, and the beautifully technical neo classical solos of Necrophagist and to top it off the vocals of Lord Worm who is in my opinion the best death metal vocalist.
Super bands never turn out as super as they sound so, no, I won't give into your evil thread!
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Tiny Tim-vocals/harpsichord
Chet Atkins-guitar
John Deacon-bass
Roger Taylor-falsetto
Mitch Mitchell-drums
Unchanged lineup of band I like
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