hey guys, im looking for black machine heads for my gibson explorer with great ratios to them. im not really familiar with machine heads but i know not all match the back holes for a gibson explorer either, which is a problem. so please reccomend some good tuners that hit the holes on the headstock without having to re-drill. thanks
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wait. its supposed to be the higher the ratio the better right? and do both these line up with the screws already in the gibson explorer tuners? cause i dont wanna redrill
Yup. The higher the better.
I'm not sure if they have direct fit 6 on a side tuners. If I had to guess, i'd say they have something for you. You'll have to investigate that. Try emailing them, or call their tech support.
If u have stock Grover Minis or Gibsons, those are 14:1 (pretty sure). The Sperzels are 12:1.
IMO the only reasonable upgrade would be going to locking tuners or nothing. If u don't know what those are, look them up and research reviews. Locking tuners make re-stringing way faster and easier. They also keep ur guitar in tune better than conventional tuners (if u don't know how to lock strings by winding correctly). With locking type, you don't need windings around the posts.
Also, IMO the Planet Waves are the best value - and the string sniping is icing on the cake.
Do some leg work and read up on the subject. Google is ur friend
- Good luck and Cya.
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