Budget? - Anything up to about $1,500. Though I'd prefer not to go that far.

Genres? - Metal predominantly, here 's a link to my band to get a better idea of what kind of tone I'd need. Used a Roland Cube 60 for that E.P. and i'm still using that, but looking to upgrade. So yeah I'd still need cleans, but the quality of the cleans isn't that important to me.

New or Used? - I don't mind at all.

Home or Gig? - Definitely looking to gig, I've got other things to use at home and this amp would only be getting used at a gig or band practice.

Closest City? - Sydney or Newcastle, about half way in-between.

Current Gear? - Roland Cube 60, with crap line 6 cabinet, with Epiphone Les paul custom.

I've looked at the Bugera's and they look nice, but I'd just like to weigh up my options. If I could get a Bugera 6262 for ~$700, would that be better than spending $1500 on a 6505? etc.

Also, is 120w too much in a tube amp? I can't see myself maxing that out ever.
In my opinion I would shell out the extra cash on the peavey - do you plan on still using the line-6 cab?

The other option is the Laney IronHeart - you could probably get the 60w combo with change from $1500. It would be far louder than your 60 watt ss cube and tbh any venue that's big enough to require cranking is going to have a PA.
I have a 60W 6505+ 112 Combo for sale. Its only 6 Months Old.
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