Hi All,

I have a Squier Classic Vibe 60's Stratocaster and feel the volume is a little on the low side. Now nearly every guitar I have owned has had Active Pick-ups (bar one no named Strat clone which is flat out terrible) which I know are on the hot side and have a lot more volume and oomph.

I have checked my string height and have 11 to 48 gauge strings and just want to increase the volume just slightly more without turning up the amp volume. Just wondering as I have never needed to do this before would adjusting the pick-up height help a tad or is it just the fact that they are passive pick ups with lower output?

I know this all might sound dumb but I just want to know before I start if this will actually help. I just want to get the best out of the instrument before I look at doing anything else. For the time being I am running through a boost pedal to get me into the nice louder clear territory that I am after but just thought I would bounce the question here anyway.

Thanks for the help!
It's an easily reversable adjustment so go ahead and mess around (just be careful if you lower them too much, the screws can fall out of the threads and the pickup falls into the body and you have to take the pickguard off to get it in again). Measure your starting position with a ruler/calipers/whatever.

Bringing the pickups up gives you more volume. However, too high and firstly, you string starts hitting the actual pickup (fret at youre highest fret to make sure this is not a problem) and secondly the magnets start pulling on the strings and you get less sustain (and if they're too high you start getting this wierd low frequency beating sound on the highest frets, the solution is to just lower the pickup until this disappears).
Okay cool thanks. That helps a lot. I am definitely going to give it a go. It has been ages since I have had passive pick ups so I wasn't sure if it was that or just needed a little more setting up. I mean it's no biggie I just run the amp at little higher volume to get that nice loud quack. But I will adjust them and see if this helps bring it up a tad more. Thanks for the detailed response!