You look very cobainish, that's cool :P I liked your perfomance, you seem very into it. There's some notes that sound very out of tune (at least they sound to me, don't know the original) but overall is very good, you have a very nice timbre and expresion goin on, liked the break at 4:00
Nice cover man, to say you're still trying to get the hang of singing! Anthony Green's vocals aren't exactly the easiest to tackle! Job well done!
Great Job I just got into Circa Survive, been liking them more and more by each song. You did an excellent cover man, and like the person above said Anthony Green's vocals are a togh job to execute! Great job again!
C4C? http://www.youtube.com/user/Jgomez182?feature=mhee
Thanks to all for the comments

And subbed your channel, good stuff!
Honey mustard is best mustard.
Very nice, man. The vibe I'm getting is very raw and emotional, which is what so many people lack - especially when doing covers. You, though...you just seem so into it, and that makes it fantastic! Your playing is solid too. Extremely good stuff, man! I love it!

And thanks for checking out my material!
I cant say id heard of Circa Survive until I listened to your cover but holy shit man.. well done!!I listened to the original version right after I heard your cover and they're really good, much like yourself! I have to say you impressed the hell out of me with this cover, especially if your still new to singing. Anthony Green has a really high voice so dont criticize yourself about the vocals. Keep practicing and take care of that voice man, its golden. Your playing was also really done for the most part. You easily earned a "like" from me. Keep up the hard work! If you would'nt mind doing a C4C I'd really appreciate your thoughts on any of the covers I've done. Ill post a link below. Well done once again!
Sounds great man!

I hear lots of potential vocally! At the minute, I personally think you have a strange vibrato thing going a bit too much, which sounds a bit weird, but I guess other people may like that too! You have good tone to your voice though!

Overall it was nice to listen too!
Not familiar with the song, but this is pretty good man.

I think you could really get good at singing with a bit of practice... you go out of pitch a few times but it was solid for the most part. Anyway, maybe you could try playing it with the capo on because sometimes the chords came across a little bit muddy to me... Not sure if that's how the original sounds too though. Seeing as you're still getting the hang of singing though, you could go a long way. Keep it up... you should try writing some songs of your own if you aren't already.

Could check of my alarm call cover if you want, should be somewhere on the first page here. Good job dude.