I listen to anything and everything (Hip-hop excluded. I listen to music.) So yeah, if someone could recommend a few artist that would be great. I know I should probably list what I listen to, but I literally love everything from Jimmy Rushing to Haste the Day. So yeah, any and all suggestions are appreciated. Even your own personal band would be okay, as long as you have decently recorded tracks.
A not-so-well-known singer from Winnipeg, called Cherry Brandy. She doesn't have much out, but she's in the song Creature Of The Night by Greg Arcade (awesome name, right?).

Also, Billy S. by Skye Sweetnam. I usually listen to death metal, but that song is so god damn catchy.

And yes, I do hate myself for liking it.
Frank Black and the Catholics. Listen to the song "Dog Gone," and "Coastline" is a good one too.
Jaga Jazzist - Mostly instrumental Norwegian jazz/electronic/prog/post rock group

Love Battery - Grunge/psych rock

Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Indie rock/pop
And everything else on Sit Resist too, basically. Don't dismiss them for being a little poppy, because it's the good kind of pop.
I was gonna give you some recs, but because you made that infantile comment about Hip-Hop, you get nothing from me.
Brand New.
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I like how neither the video nor your post include the bandname you're trying to recommend.

Eh I figured that he'd get it from all the related videos. Not sure why they didn't put the band's name in that video, but it's their official youtube channel.
Deftones. Diamond Eyes, Around the Fur, and White Pony are where it's at.
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Mountain Goats, Rebelution, St. Vincent (kind of like P. J Harvey), Gillian Welch, Foxy shazam
Also, Some good hip hop, Homeboy sandman, Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith), A tribe called quest, Souls of Mischief, Public Enemy.