No I'm joking I was wondering why this topic has 0 reply and I have listened to your song. And I don't understand. 'cause it is really really good! it sounds professional and you have a voice that I can be jealous not to have... I like especially the bass line, original, and the voice melody (including the part at 2:13), it's really calming down. Good work man!
This song is great, but I think the instruments and possibly the vocals may be a bit high in the mix, because I think I hear some kind of odd clipping sound. I like the guitar's tone. I really like the break/bridge at 2:12. I feel the guitars would sound a lot better with a more crisp, richer sound. Maybe a bit thinner in the mix as to not overpower the other instruments.

Thanks Brunochab and Harlot Hero I recorded the song in my bedroom so I'm still trying to mix the song. I'll rerecord it thank you very much for the suggestions!