The thread title explains nearly everything. I am looking for gear that will help me achieve the lead tone Janick Gers uses in the Rock in Rio version of Sign of the Cross (or at least close to it). Here's a link to a video. Just skip to 8:47.


His tone sounds.....well, I can't put my finger on it. Deeper? Fuller? Anyway, do any of you know what I may be able to do to get the tonal depth I want? Could I use an EQ to do it? Or is there another product that could color the tone in such a fashion?
Well most of that is a Marshall JMP-1 preamp. Sounds like a bit of phaser on that too.
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Lead tone... Janick Gers? Wut?
Im not sure some will agree with me but that kind of sound i like to achieve with a fuzz, a fuzz face could get you close, try out the blue hendrix fuzz at your local store. Other fuzz pedals can get there, like a tonebender but not quite what you might be looking for

And yes, maiden is generally just jmp-1, though i hear dave's using a dsl100
Forgive my inexperience, but would I need to use the fuzz in conjunction with my distortion pedal or on its own?

Lead tone... Janick Gers? Wut?

I know, right? I suppose that was a bad example. Here's another one, which is actually closer to what I want. And it's a studio recording, so you should be able to hear more of it.


Just skip to Dave Murray's solo at about 2:05. It sounds a bit thicker than his usual lead tone.
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Its probably just a different microphone placement or just a tad more bass or volume. It's his basic tone, nothing special. Experimenting is key, you wont nail it 100% but who knows, you might like your version more. As for pedal form, the catalinbread dls does that marshall crunch very well