I would have written a NGD sooner but I do not like to review guitars until I have played them extensively so its time to go ahead and post my review now, I will probably do a video review soon as well. I miss the days when you could just do a NGD thread with just pictures of your new gear, but these stupid rules ruin everything dont they. Anyways on to the review.

Schecter 006 Elite

Mahogany Body
Maple Set Neck
24 Jumbo Frets
Rosewood Fretboard *42mm nut*
SD Designed Single Coil *Neck*
SD Designed Humbucker *Bridge*
3 way pickup selecter
Grover 18/1 Tuners
TOM Bridge
Flame maple cap
Cream binding along the neck and headstock

How it plays: This is my first Schecter guitar but it most likely wont be my last, this is no doupt one of the best guitars I have ever had, the 42mm nut makes chords easier to do which chords have all ways been a challenge for me due to the size of my hands. The carved cutaway gives you a lot of upper fret access and when mixed with the jumbo frets, you get some very satisfying high bends. The action is set to a comfortable 3mm at the 12th fret which few guitars I have had could get action near this low without a lot of fret buzz. When I got it I was a little concerned about the neck thickness due to what I have heard on here but it turned out to be one of the nicest and most comfortable necks I have ever played.

How it sounds: The bridge pickup could be a little hotter but it is easy to get a nice clean tone out of them and they still have a good amount of bite to them. The neck pickup is a completely different story, I love the neck pickup. It does good for leads but where it shines is on the clean channel with just a touch of gain, its perfect for bluesy stuff.

Features/Fit/Finish: The grover tuners are great, this guitar does not fall out of tune easily and has yet to detune at all when doing high bends. The mahogany body mixed with the TOM bridge give this guitar a HUGE amount of sustain, even pinch harmonics seem to never want to end. The transblack finish looks very METAL in person though the yellowish lighting it my room gives it a ugly brown tint.

Price: Free

I actually got screwed over pretty bad in a deal a few weeks back when I rushed into it and didnt think anything through. Clearly it was a bad month for, luckily my friend had this sitting in his shop for a while and never used it so he though I needed it more than he did. He decided that if I didnt like it I could simply trade it off for what I would want more. Well I do like it a lot, but I love stratocasters more so now I have been looking to trade it off for a Blacktop or MiM strat, its a win/win. Either I get what I want or I stay stuck with this, I will have a awesome guitar regardless of what happens.

To those of you who have considered getting a Schecter Elite but have been afraid of the neck being too thick or wide, dont hesitate. The guitar is a great player, the fretboard is the same width of a mim strats and the neck is relatively thin and easy to shred on.

This may not be a good review but gimme a break, its 3:00A.M. and I took time out of my playing to post this.
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i'm not sure i like the body shape, but wtf do you care what i like?

congrats, HNGD!

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hngd! looks very nice
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I don't usually like Schecters, but this one looks purty darn cool!
nice! what is that body style called? Ive never seen anything like it lol
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nice! what is that body style called? Ive never seen anything like it lol

Its just called 006.