I'm trying to submit a few Guitar Pro tabs to this site but I can't do that because the band is not yet present on Ultimate Guitar. I'm being told to include a link to the band site to my tab, but that won't work, cause I'm uploading a Guitar Pro tab, not a normal tab. This is what it says:

"If the band "tyvek" really exists and is not an unsigned band, please provide us with a link to the official website of this band in your tab below and click on Submit Your Tab button again. "

I can't find a site for this band Tyvek either, I'm pretty sure they don't even have one. However, they are signed to In The Red Records, so they aren't an unsigned band.
This is their MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/tyvekmusic

I hope someone can help me so I can submit my tabs.