I'll Burn a hole in your wall
Im not the one who'll take your fall
your gonna need a victim and thats me

**** you and keep your sorry ass plea
Im not the one you need
I'll Keep my life thanks
The rains cold as my heart
Yours shoots mine like its a dart

I may be tragic I can be poor
Look whos knocking at my door
Keep me under watch
I'm drifting like a in and out like a bottle of scotch

I Can be changed
I can't be changed
I am who i am and give it a rest

I'm not the one you need
Ill keep my life thanks
The rains cold as my heart
I've kept my sanity clean
My hearts beating for what I'm Believing

Your not gonna get me
You'll never take me
Your never going to change
Im never going to change!

I am Who I am!
And its the way it will always be!
Your mistakes fall on me!
And its always me!
Never you
I'll Scream this until I'm ****ing Blue!




It's pretty random and has no flow or rythym to it.
I tried to change my password to 'penis'...it said it was over the limit