Is it normal to have that much static noise? When im playing at low volumes its ok, not too bad, but when i turn up the volume it gets really annoying. I tried with a new guitar-to-amp cable and it was kinda better, but theres still that background annoying noise. Is it my amp, my guitar, my room, dirty guitar pickups? Could it be that i play next to the computer?
Could be all of those things man.

Crappy cables can make static and hum
Single coils are more prone to noise
60 cycle electronics, anything plugged into your wall, and even fluorescent lighting
High amounts of stacked gain
High output pickups on a amp turned up
Grounding issue, either guitar or possibly amplifier

Does your noise go away if you touch like the bridge, tailpiece or jack plate for the guitar output? Usually the most common issue for noise is a bad ground in your guitar.
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The noise reduces signifficantly when i put my fingers near the pickups. I also noticed the noise is much worse if i get the tone to the bridge pickup.
Its the computer, for sure. I always watch TV while I play and it always causes all kinds of nasty noise. If you want to be sure set up your rig in an isolated room, with not much electronics around, and see if it still hums. I'd bet that you'll find its mostly gone.

There is a certain amount of noise that you can never get away from though, at least without spending time and money chasing it down. To some degree guitar amps always hum, but it shouldn't be enough to bother you, which it sounds like it currently is.
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So im guessing its the computer, im playing like inches away from the cpu, thanks for you help guys