I've heard a lot of good things about this pedal, especially with the dynamics and transparency. But I've been having trouble hunting them down. I've heard that you can get them from Paul Cochrane for about $130 but I don't know where to order and I heard the waiting list is pretty long for them. I want to stack it up after my Fulltone OCD to be a little added drive to huge parts or lead stuff that needs a little boost.
My Question: is it worth it to hunt one down? I've seen them on ebay but they're about $100-150 more than buying one but that has a waiting list. Or does anyone know of any good clones for it?

Just phone him, 3 months is no time at all.
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thanks! I just recently looked into the process of getting one (ie I googled it before school) and posts that were a couple years old said that it was closer to year and I was like yikes!
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Still not as bad as the D*A*M Fuzz Sound. End of the list will be produced in 2017.
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I ordered mine from here, and just waited for the next batch to come in.

3 weeks I think...


Humbucker is already in line for you.