Ok i need to replace the nuts or screws on my floyd rose locking nuts! Not the whole thing just the screws i need to know how to measure them so i can order the right size and where i can order them! I went to my local music dealer a long F'ing time ago and they said like a week ago it's in the store but they can't find it? Ok i said and then they said it should be in this past tuesday and i waited, i didn't even call on tuesday i waiting and called this morning they said that no it hasn't came in today! I got pissed so i am taking matters into my own hands this guys absolutly suck! Horrible service! Anyways so yea my guitar is a Schecter blackjack atx v-1 fr aged white, you can find it by searching it on the Schecter website or google it to find the specs just in cause you need it to help me out! Please i need help i ordered these from the dealer almost 2 months ago! I am dying to play my guitar! Thanks!
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There is sticky in EG for FR questions. Post in there. If you can't find it, let me know.

Ok man i'll look for it if not i'll let you know thanks!
You can order them here. These guys have a pretty good reputation, but are also a bit more expensive... Though for a $0.25 part, who cares.

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