Hey guys, not really sure where this fits, but you guys seem like a wise bunch. So I'll ask here. Have you guys got any suggestions for good songs for a new band to cover? What goes down well with a crowd? We've been looking to play modern metal, and metal core stuff. Our main problems have been tunings, as many of our favourite bands use different tunings to other bands we like, which can be restricting at times. Obviously we don't want to be making major tuning changes in the middle of our show, which makes our current set list inconvenient, as it varies from drop d to drop c. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
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Linking Parcks and Hairway To Steven.

For some reason, I had to do that

OP. Blink 182, Sum 41, The Ramones? My band started off doing punk and pop punk...
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Stay away from popular cliche songs, and instead try covering some of today's alternative rock.

That's the only thing I see wrong with that post.

I think he was talking to me
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Holy Diver.

Its all generic crap, but sure to go over well with crowds.