Okay, i recently purchased this cool old vintage guitar, a Microfrets spacetone, made in 1971, and for the life of me i can't figure out what the third knob it has does. It affects the volume and the tone of whatever configuration of pickups i'm using. It looks to be an after market change, as i haven't seen any Spactetones with three knobs. What helped me figure that out is that I took off the pickguard and it has a different pot, than the other two. Has anyone heard of something like that being added to guitars? I'm just trying to put some sort of name to it :
In what way does it change the volume/tone? Just up/down simultaneously?
Where's Waldo?
It fattens the tone the closer it is to max, and thins it when you put it closer to 0. And then the volume goes up some too and makes the guitar a little quieter when it's turned down. Its weird
Sounds like a spin-a-split.
Basically a variable coil split.
Instead of going from humbucker to single coil by the flick of a switch or push/pull,
you can gradually roll the knob for some interesting sounds in between.
Yep. Definitely sounds like a spin-a-split pot.

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Interesting, i had no idea you could do that. This is turning out to be a pretty cool guitar. At some point the neck pickup was replaced with this cool old mini-humbucker, which i'm also starting to think might have belonged to a gibson. It has a sticker on it that says patent no. 2.737.842. Actually wait, let me upload a picture of that too. Another question, can anyone put a name to that pickup?
Only Body.JPG
Patent no. MiniHumbucker.JPG
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