I had a different thread about choosing amps, but i wasn't really clear on what i needed out of it and what i wanted to use it for. This will be my first amp. I'm mostly going to be using it for practicing, in my bedroom, or in the living room and what not. I'm also going to be using it just to perform small songs or whatever in front of my family and friends in the house, not some loud crankin jam session in the garage. It needs to sound good at low volumes, and have a decent amount of effects and sounds. I don't need it to be super loud, but it would be nice for it to be able to get somewhat loud. I don't need the best amp ever, just somthing to last me a year or 2. I was thinking about the fender mustang 1. It is a little pricey for me, but i know you get what you pay for usually, But maybe there is somthing cheaper that i could get for my needs.
get a line 6 spider or a fender mustang. i have the mustang, its pretty great cuz u can download more presets if you dont like the default ones.