I was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of some artists/songs that have extensive guitar synth, such as the Roland GR series or Axon. I'm very interested and would like to see some songs that were recorded using these devices extensively for both guitar tones and other keyboard/synth tones. I'm kind of on the fence about getting a conversion kit for my semi-hollowbody to make it have 13 pin synth access, and want to see some examples of what an end product can sound like. I've watched demos of the guitar synths themselves, but they are all just noodling around. Any LIVE recordings or videos of someone using a synth for guitar + other tones in a live setting would be awesome as well.
Youtube pinn panelle. Idk if that's what you're talking about but all I know is they're awesome
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Darkshines by Muse uses the Roland I believe. That is literally the only example I can think of.
Adrian Smith used a synth in a lot of the recording of Iron Maiden's Somewhere in Time album. You could give those songs a listen, but it's not exactly a 'modern' synth sound.
Guitar synths are mainly used for "ambient" type applications. To be honest I am unaware of any major artist/act that uses guitar synths extensively. They can be fairly hard to control in a live situation.

I personally use guitar synths but more as a novelty in the studio than as a standard instrument. They are rarely used live ever. I use both the Roland GR-20 and the GR-55 (which also has a lot of other effects for "normal" guitar).
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