I want to get a Telecaster but i'm not sure whether to go for a vintage reissue or something like an Am Std. I have played both, i prefer the neck and jumbo frets of the Am Std, but overall i prefer the vibe of the reissues. But, playing for an hour in a store is different to owning.

What are the pros and cons of each?

I like to canoodle to a bit of SRV, Danny Gatton, Brian Setzer, Joe Bonamassa to name a few, so i'm thinking the Am Std is gonna be better for this kind of shredding. But, the reissues have something unique about them that just floats my boat... I like a guitar that has its own personality

Also - ash or alder? And how do older MIJ reissues rate? Are there any tele options with the vintage asthetic but a modern neck profile?

I will be buying 2nd hand (or new if the price is right) off Ebay and my limit is around $1000.

If you're a tele-master i'd much lile to hear your two cents
I did a similar tele search a couple years ago, and there was a very clear winner: G&L ASAT. it smoked every single fender I played (pretty much every single one in a big-ish city). you can find them used for under a grand pretty easily, and the playability and sound from them really is at a different level than fenders. G&L also offers tonnes of different neck profiles (mine has an absolute baseball bat, but they have thin and flat too), so you should be able to find a good one.

also, ash. ash tele's just sound a little bit ballsier than alder ones. nothing wrong with alder, but the ash ones seem to have a little more power to their tone, particularly in the lower mids