Separating Power and Signal cables on Pedalboards??

Do you guys think there is any danger of creating noise or static on your Pedalboard, by routing your signal and power cables too close together?

I am running some new signal wires on my board, and wonder if I should be giving any thought to keeping the runs away from my Pedal Power II Plus power leads...

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I have mine wired pretty close together with no noise issues...(I however don't play with a lot of gain) The Patch cables are sheilded, and the voltage going through the power wires is low, and DC.. It is possible to get some noise I guess.. but it shouldn't be a problem unless you're wrapping the power wire around your patch cables..
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If it does you have a really shitty DC supply and you probably should replace it anyway. A clean DC supply should induce no noise at all.
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