I don't particularly favor classical. I hear some classic pieces that sound amazing and wouldn't mind learning the style. I also really like classic Rock/blues. I want to one day be able to play and come up with my own original material. Will learning classical help on the road to being able to one day do that? I found a teacher for 25 dollars an hour. I sent him a email asking him in what ways was he qualified, this is what ge responded,think he's legit?

Well for qualifications aside from beginning my study of music when I
was 9 years old, I attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music
for classical guitar performance. *As a music major I underwent
training in theory and harmony. *I also took ear training dictation
classes where I had to be able to listen to and write down melodies
and chord changes by ear. *I use the exact same material I got from
the conservatory in my lessons, eventually. *To begin with I would
need to see how much you know about music fundamentals and teach you
anything you need to know. *This is in addition to teaching classical
guitar technique. *My price is $25 for an hour lesson once a week. *If
25 dollars an hour does seem too good to be true. The only way to know though is to check it out. Try to arrange half a session, maybe, and see if you like how it goes.

And I think that expanding your styles to whatever you can do will benefit your playing. I started classical guitar early last year, and it has given me a better degree of precision when playing. Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 is a really cliched thing to learn, but I play it often because it's fun and sounds nice. It also deals with ascending and descending in scales often, and provides good practice and finger exercise.
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That's definitely a good rate. My instructor charges 45/hr.
I picked up classical about a year ago, and by far over any other style of music it requires a lot of commitment. So if you don't particularly favor classical music, I'm not sure why you would steer toward it. Composition is a craft on its own and basic theory knowledge and songwriting technique/craft books will get you there faster than learning classical style.
Personally, I love classical guitar and I apply the stuff I learn from that and music theory to the metal style music I write, but I'd recommend you go with what you enjoy rather than "this seems like a good idea"
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Classical guitar lessons have helped me immensely and they will benefit any style of music by providing greater understanding.
Yeah, sounds like you're getting a bargain, but to make the most of it, try to ensure that you revise that one hour lesson over and over again until the next lesson.

The lessons are one hour a week, the homework should pretty much take up the rest of the week.