Hey guys, I'm in college now and my Mesa is at my practice space so I haven't been playing guitar as much. Saw this thing called iRig, anyone have it? Would you recommend it?
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Wondered the same thing, I have garageband for my iphone for quiet jamming. Using iRig would be more convenient and cheaper than apogee.
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i use it on an ipad for headphone practice along with songs.

it works fine. you have to tweak the amps a bit but for what it costs it's pretty cool.

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Yep, ive got one. Works well with Garageband and is great for recording and practice.

In fact, check out this recording i did LAST NIGHT with it. Was just goofing around with it really and put together a bit of a demo but you can hear the quality of the recording (if not the playing!) is fairly good, especially for £30ish


This isnt spam trying to flog my stuff, i genuinely did record this last night as a bit of a dick about and its coincidence you asked about the iRig today
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I use the irig adapter for ampkit...which IMO is a cool thing to mess around with

Yeah, Ampkit and Amplitube are ok to mess around with but quite expensive. Garageband is really good and only £2.99