Hey everyone, I was looking at a used Silverone bass and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them it is relatively cheap but how much money would I end up putting into it to make it playable? Or should I just avoid it completely? I play mostly rock and I play through a fender rumble 350. I dont expect to replace my P bass or anything but just looking for a cheap bass to jam with.
I've seen the Silvertone Revolver bass and frankly, I believe you could do a lot better. Silvertones are definitely on the low end of the spectrum (no pun intended). The old Sears Silvertone guitars were made by Danelectro, and they have something of a following thanks to Jimmy Page. They made a few basses under the Silvertone brand, but even these were nothing to write home about.
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If it's a real vintage silvertone (look up dano basses and see if it looks similar) you might find a cheap treasure, or you could sell it maybe for a bit of cash.

Most modern silvertones are just lame fender copies, not the lipstick bright tone fun machines of yore.