Hello everyone! I've decided to try my hand at a small bit of musical analysis for the first time. I'm pretty new to this so I may make some small to big mistakes, but I'm here to learn.

This is the song I will be analyzing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW9JQQFvqXc (I'm only analyzing the arpeggiated section at the beginning)

We're in the key of C Minor. The chords are, from what I understand, Cmin9, Dmin9, and A#minadd2.

The chord progression is as follows:
im9 - iim9 (borrowed from the parallel major, I believe) - im9 - viiadd2 (and then it loops)

The reason this progression works is because the root moves from the tonic to the supertonic back to the tonic, while the chords themselves maintain a mysterious and ghostly atmosphere with the 7ths and 9s, along with the creepy synth and heavy amount of delay. When it gets to the subtonic, it introduces minor second dissonances, which serve two purposes:
1. Creating a satisfying resolution back to the tonic
2. Further amplifying the creepy, dark atmosphere

Did I get it right, or did I miss a few hundred things? Feel free to correct me!

Edit: Cleaned up chord names, but still probably have a couple of them wrong
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