Well, somehow, not quite sure how,my neck is cracked for my 2001 Ibanez rg270dx. Not the end of the world, but after replacing much of the hardware on it last year, i dont want to get rid.

Just wondering if I were to pick a any second hand RG (AANJ type) neck off ebay would it fit fine?


Does anyone know of any other suitable replacement from a different company, a UK based one preferably?
Ibanez necks can be tricky. Getting a neck meant for another guitar can work but the joint requires some modifications, like filling existing holes and drilling new ones to fit the AANJ profile. I'd just find a used Ibanez neck on Ebay. I have an RG270DX as well from the late 90s. It's equipped with a Wizard II neck. That's what you'll be looking for if you you want a direct replacement. Make sure it has the locking nut you need for the tremolo or at least a place for it so you can swap you old nut onto it.

Before doing any of that though, how bad is the crack? Any photos? Often times a neck crack can be repaired fairly easily and be just as strong as it always was if you do it correctly.